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Adult Day Services Lunch Questionnaire 2017-2018
6 Week Review Questionnaire 2017-2018
Adult Day Services Questionnaire 2017-2018
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Community Council Review Stage 3
Community Council Scheme
Health & Social Care Integration Budget Consultation 2018/19
Budget Consultation 2018/19
Community Justice Improvement Plan 2018-23
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked for your views on the proposed Scheme and in particular what we felt were the key aspects of

  • how people become community councillors
  • how community councils involve residents
  • how to maintain standards of representation

You Said

You said

  • community councils should be able to replace quickly members who leave
  • community councils should be able to involve residents in a volunteer capacity
  • there should be a complaints procedure for community councils and a way of dealing with a community council which is not functioning to the standards expected of a community council


We Did

We have proposed

  • the addition of a provision for co-opting people to fill vacancies arising in between elections
  • no major changes regarding how community councils involve residents, but amendments to the constitution to make it clear that involving people as volunteers is allowed
  • research to look at a complaints procedure that can be adopted by all of Clackmannanshire's community councils, but not as a provision in the Scheme at this stage.

We Asked

Following the first stage when you gave us your views on boundaries and membershop, we asked for your comments on other content of the Scheme for the EStablishment of Community Councils.

We gave you two options for responding:

  1. to make any comments or suggestions for the content of the Scheme
  2. to focus on what we feel are the key aspects

You Said

You commented mostly on the key aspects.  The feedback can be found at that consultation.

We Did

We took the comments and our analysis of them to the December meeting of Clackmannanshire Council and asked for permission to take a draft Scheme to the third stage of consultation

We Asked

We asked for your views on how people choose the community councillors who are going to represent them and on election methods.

We asked for your views on community councils replacing members who resign within a term of office.

We wanted your ideas for how community councils can better involve residents in the matters which concern their community.

We asked for your views on a Complaints Procedure for community councils with enforceable sanctions and we asked you to tell us what you think about the guiding principles for community councils.

You Said

Responses showed that people are happy that community councillors should be elected and are happy with the current method of election.  There was very little suport for allowing community councils to conduct elections themselves but there was support for the introduction of top-up elections.

Respondents put forward arguments for reinstating the provision for co-option as a means of filling vacancies quickly so as to maintain numbers and productivity.

There were various suggestions for meeting etiquette to improve involvement.

There was general support for a Complaints Procedure and for the current guiding principles.

We Did

We will continue with Council-run regular elections for community councils and the Council will organise top-up elections.  We will reinstate the provision for co-opting members to fill places left vacant by a community councillor who was elected at a regular, interim or top-up election.

We were convinced by responses arguing that involving residents is already in the Scheme so we don't propose to add any provisions to the Scheme to shape meeting format.

We will examine options for an enforceable Complaints Procedure but as it will require careful dialogue and time, will not add it to the Scheme at this stage.

We will consider respondents' suggestions for guiding principles.