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Closed Consultations

  • Tenant Participation Strategy Development

    Clackmannanshire Council is writing a new Tenant Participation Strategy, covering the period from 2024-28. This strategy will set out key aims and objectives for tenant participation. Aims will include the growth of tenants and residents associations, scrutiny panels and other initiatives to...

    Closed 17 May 2024

  • Polling Place and Polling District Review 2nd Stage 2024

    After the close of the first stage of the public consultation, the results were analysed and the report presented and agreed by Council on 21 March. The report included the proposals which would form the basis of the second stage of the public consultation. The...

    Closed 26 April 2024

  • Performance Report 2022-23

    The 2022/23 Performance Report to Tenants on the Scottish Housing Charter is available online and can be viewed on the Council's website. As a landlord we are responsible for meeting the standards and outcomes set out by the Scottish Housing Regulator in the Scottish Social Housing...

    Closed 31 March 2024

  • Community Safety and Antisocial Behaviour Strategy

    Under the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2004 , every local authority must prepare, publish and review a strategy for dealing with antisocial behaviour in their council area. The Antisocial Behaviour Strategy is produced by Clackmannanshire Council and Police Scotland, in collaboration...

    Closed 27 March 2024

  • Accessibility Strategy 2024-27

    Clackmannanshire Education Service is updating its Accessibility Strategy . The Strategy is a response to the Education (Disability Strategies and Pupils’ Educational Records) (Scotland) Act 2002 , which states there must be a plan to address three key areas over the...

    Closed 17 March 2024

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for feedback on a range of officer policy savings proposals as well as proposals to increase fees and charges.

You said

We received 938 responses to the online survey.

The public engagement also included direct engagement with a number of stakeholders seeking to understand potential impacts and mitigations in the context of an accompanying draft Equality and Fairer Scotland Impact Assessment.

We did

Councillors met on 29 February 2024 and agreed the £161.5 million revenue budget for 2024/25. All respondents’ views were taken into account. Savings of £5.383m were approved.

Council also agreed to freeze council tax rates. Most locally set fees and charges will increase by 6.7%

Details of all budget decisions made can be accessed on our website.

We asked

We asked for comments on the Community Asset Transfer Request in order to inform the assessment of its likely impact on outcomes for the community.

You said

Respondents gave examples of the community benefits they expected and the drawbacks they saw in the proposal.  

We did

On 22nd September 2023, the applicant withdrew the CAT Request.  Accordingly, we will not complete an assessment of the proposal and it will not be put to Committee for a decision.

We asked

Whether there was anything missing from the Charter or how we could improve it?

You said

Feedback included response times being consistent, no matter how the customer has contacted the Council.

We did

The Charter was updated based on the feedback received and approved by Council on 6 October 2023. You can read the new charter on our website.