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Closed Consultations

  • Rent Increase Consultation 2023/24

    Closed 9 January 2023

  • Budget Consultation 2023/24 Priorities (Phase 1)

    Local authorities have faced a challenging financial context for over ten years. Since 2013/14 the Council has approved savings of £45 million. Clackmannanshire Council, like all Councils, faces further rising costs, reducing budgets and increased demand for services. Just like your... More

    Closed 8 January 2023

  • Lochies School Consultation on Proposed Relocation

    The current Lochies school needs expanded to meet pupils’ needs. A recent paper to Clackmannanshire Council recommends relocating Lochies to a new site within the Alloa Academy catchment area. Having considered a number of sites and consulted with parents the preferred site for the... More

    Closed 18 December 2022

  • Early Learning and Childcare Consultation 2022

    From August 2020 eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds have been able to access 1140 hours of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC). Families have a choice on how they wish to access these hours and are able to choose to access them with partner childminders, partner nurseries, local... More

    Closed 20 November 2022

  • Kilncraigs Reception

    As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the public reception at the Council’s headquarters at Kilncraigs has been closed since March 2020. During the period that it has been closed the Council has worked hard to deliver customer services in line with the guidance provided to us by... More

    Closed 2 October 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

Customers and staff were asked about the future of face-to-face reception services at Kilncraigs.

You said

We received 543 responses with high levels of dissatisfaction with the current arrangements and strong support for re-opening Kilncraigs reception. 

We did

The survey results were reported to the Council's Senior Leadership Group who agreed to work towards a planned re-opening in April 2023. 

We asked

We consulted on the proposed permanent relocation of the Clackmannanshire Secondary and Primary Support Services to The Orchard, Tullibody.

You said

There were 39 responses to the question: Do you agree with the proposal to permanently locate the Secondary and Primary Support Services to The Orchard, Tullibody? 25 responded yes and 14 responded no.

We did

Council decided to permanently relocate Clackmannanshire Primary and Secondary School Support Services to its current site in Tullibody from 23 June 2022 at its meeting on that date.


We asked

We asked for feedback on proposals to increase Council Tax and fees and charges by 5.4%.

You said

Fees and Charges increase – approximately 53% of respondents said that a 5.4% would have no or minimal impact; 25% said it would have some impact but they would probably still use the services; and 22% said that it would have a significant impact, and may stop using the services

Council Tax increase – approximately 66% of respondents disagreed that Council Tax should rise by 5.4%, whilst 32% agreed. The reasons for disagreeing are predominantly related to wider rises in the cost of living and the negative impact this is having on families.

We did