Polling Place and Polling District Review 2nd Stage 2024

Closed 26 Apr 2024

Opened 26 Mar 2024


After the close of the first stage of the public consultation, the results were analysed and the report presented and agreed by Council on 21 March. 

The report included the proposals which would form the basis of the second stage of the public consultation. 

The full Council report and the submissions made in the first stage of the consultation are available via our website.

Ideally, when looking for suitable venues there would have been the choice of a range of available fully accessible buildings, conveniently located for electors in the area within which to establish polling stations. In practice, however, the choice of polling places is a balance between the quality of a building (access, facilities, etc) and the proximity of the building to the electors.

Council made the decision in 2012 that the use of schools should be avoided and as the number of publicly owned buildings is decreasing, the continued and increased use of private premises is inevitable. 

Why your views matter

Our proposals for polling places are presented as what we see as the best options for each of the polling districts. 


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