Banchory Park Community Asset Transfer Request

Closed 24 Aug 2023

Opened 21 Jul 2023

Feedback updated 22 Sep 2023

We asked

We asked for comments on the Community Asset Transfer Request in order to inform the assessment of its likely impact on outcomes for the community.

You said

Respondents gave examples of the community benefits they expected and the drawbacks they saw in the proposal.  

We did

On 22nd September 2023, the applicant withdrew the CAT Request.  Accordingly, we will not complete an assessment of the proposal and it will not be put to Committee for a decision.

Results updated 12 Sep 2023

Brief Summary of Comments

There were 127 separate responses submitted.

The majority of responses were from FK10 postcodes (65%).People living in the houses immediately adjacent to the land in question were well-represented (29%). A small number of comments came from people who live in other Clackmannanshire postcode areas (2%), and from people who do not live in Clackmannanshire (2%).

Comments ranged from full support for the proposal through support for the proposal but with reservations, to objection to the proposal.

Support was stated in 58% of responses.  It was typically expressed in terms of the benefits for the club and for football (21%) and for young people (14%).  Other benefits suggested  include good use of the unused space, good for the community.

Objection to the proposal was stated in 42% of responses.  There was a wider range of expected negative impacts of the proposal on the community.  These include opposition to the change of use from open to closed space (22%) and concerns that the proposal would bring with it increase in anti-social behavior (17%).   Examples of drawbacks suggested include noise, litter, parking and access problems, light pollution.  

Some opposition was based on the grounds that there was no need for such a facility as there was adequate provision elsewhere locally.

The comments have been helpful in describing what residents expect to be the impact of the proposal on the community.  Importantly, they have provided an insight into how local residents, especially those living close to, and currently using, the space feel about the proposed change.


An asset transfer request has been made to Clackmannanshire Council under Part 5 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

The request has been made by Tullibody St Serf’s FC and relates to Banchory Park (The Coosie). The request is for long-term lease of the land to build a community football facility.

Why your views matter

The proposal will affect how the space can be used.  The public are invited to make representation on the proposal to inform Clackmannanshire Council's assessment of the Community Asset Transfer Request.

Representations must include the name and postal address of the person making it and must be received by Clackmannanshire Council by noon on the 24th of August 2023. 

What happens next

Your views will be compiled and anonymised and then passed to Tullibody St Serf's FC who will have a chance to comment on them.

Your views will also be used as part of Clackmannanshire Council's assessment of the Community Asset Transfer Request. 


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