Community Councils - key aspects

Closed 8 Sep 2017

Opened 30 Jun 2017

Feedback updated 16 Jan 2018

We asked

We asked for your views on how people choose the community councillors who are going to represent them and on election methods.

We asked for your views on community councils replacing members who resign within a term of office.

We wanted your ideas for how community councils can better involve residents in the matters which concern their community.

We asked for your views on a Complaints Procedure for community councils with enforceable sanctions and we asked you to tell us what you think about the guiding principles for community councils.

You said

Responses showed that people are happy that community councillors should be elected and are happy with the current method of election.  There was very little suport for allowing community councils to conduct elections themselves but there was support for the introduction of top-up elections.

Respondents put forward arguments for reinstating the provision for co-option as a means of filling vacancies quickly so as to maintain numbers and productivity.

There were various suggestions for meeting etiquette to improve involvement.

There was general support for a Complaints Procedure and for the current guiding principles.

We did

We will continue with Council-run regular elections for community councils and the Council will organise top-up elections.  We will reinstate the provision for co-opting members to fill places left vacant by a community councillor who was elected at a regular, interim or top-up election.

We were convinced by responses arguing that involving residents is already in the Scheme so we don't propose to add any provisions to the Scheme to shape meeting format.

We will examine options for an enforceable Complaints Procedure but as it will require careful dialogue and time, will not add it to the Scheme at this stage.

We will consider respondents' suggestions for guiding principles.

Results updated 16 Jan 2018

We have combined the responses from both questionnaires and added our comments and conclusions in the Summary below.  This summary was presented to the December 2017 meeting of Clackmannanshire Council.



Clackmannanshire's community groups are responsible for a wealth of caring, social and recreational community activity which makes a real difference to the lives of many people. 

Community councils are one type of community group.  As well as organising community events, community councils also play an important role in local democracy, representing the interests of their communities and safeguarding community amenities.

Like other community groups, they get their strength from the active support of the very communities they benefit.

Why your views matter

Across Scotland, there is a drive to encourage and directly facilitate community activism so if there is something we should be doing to make involvement in community councils more attractive, we need you to tell us now.

To give you an idea of how Clackmannanshire Council might help, we have put forward some ideas relating to community council governance.

We'd like your views on how helpful these ideas would be and any suggestions you might have for how community councils might recruit and maintain volunteers.

What happens next

We will use what your ideas or what tell us about our ideas to help Clackmannanshire Council decide on a new framework for community council governance.



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