Budget Consultation 2017/18

Closed 20 Jan 2017

Opened 19 Dec 2016


Clackmannanshire Council has published a number of proposals which represent reductions and changes in services.

More information about these proposals can be found on ClacksWeb

Why your views matter

To maintain statutory services, including services that protect and support out most vulnerable residents, we need to make substantial savings in those services we are not required to deliver by law, including highly valued services that communities have become accustomed to.

Given that the Council has made £29 million-worth of savings in the last five years, it is proving extremely challenging to identify savings proposals.

The future will likely see a Council that has less staff operating from fewer offices, providing fewer direct services, but in a more integrated and cost-effective way.

Some services currently delivered by the Council may be delivered by partners, communities or other organisations in the future. We will be working with you to agree our priorities.

In particular, we are keen to hear from you if there are alternatives to the proposals that the Council should consider and how any negative impacts of the saving might be reduced.

Council Tax

Council tax bills for the year 2017/2018 will also see some changes.

The Scottish Government has introduced a new scheme to increase the amount of council tax collected for properties in the higher bands of E-H. In addition, for the first time in 10 years, councils will be able to increase council tax across all bands by up to 3% to raise additional income. This decision will also be taken by councillors at the budget setting meeting next year.

What happens next

Your responses will be shared with all councillors in advance of setting the 2017/18 budget.



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