Kennet Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Closed 16 Sep 2016

Opened 7 Jul 2016


The Council as planning authority has a duty to prepare proposals for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas. The legislation also indicates that planning authorities must pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character of the designated area in making planning decisions that affect the area . A careful and considered approach is therefore needed in considering development proposals in a conservation area.

The Appraisal therefore seeks to:

  • define the special interest of the conservation area and identify any issues which threaten the special qualities of the conservation area,
  • provide guidelines to prevent harm and assist in the enhancement of the conservation area,
  • provide the council with a valuable tool with which to inform its planning practice and policies for the area.

The Council has an undertaking in the local development plan to complete appraisals for the 7 conservation areas in Clackmannanshire and has already completed the Muckhart and Dollar Conservation Area Appraisals.

Why your views matter

We would like to receive your views on the draft Kennet Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the issues raised in it.

You can view or download the document via the link below:

Your views will be taken into account  in a finalised version which will be presented to the Council for approval.

Hard copies of the document are also available for public inspection at the Council offices at Kilncraigs, Alloa and the Clackmannan CAP during normal opening hours.

Responses will be anonymous and confidential unless you choose to give your contact details.

What happens next

It is anticipated that the finalised appraisal will be reported to the Council in ?


  • Clackmannan


  • Businesses
  • Community groups
  • Local residents


  • Planning
  • Heritage
  • Parks and open spaces