Clackmannanshire LDP Review - Call for Sites

Closes 7 Jan 2018

Opened 30 Sep 2017


The Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan (LDP) was adopted in August 2015. It has to be reviewed within 5 years and this Call for Sites is one of the early stages in that process. It allows anyone with an interest in land in Clackmannanshire to make representations that a site, or sites, should be considered for allocation in the next Plan.


The Council will consider any representations before preparing a ‘Main Issues Report’ for consultation. It is intended that this will be published around May 2018. A separate form is available for those wishing to raise other issues for consideration for inclusion in the ‘Main Issues Report’ which are not related to the promotion of development sites.


The forms are being published well in advance of the preparation of the Main Issues Report. A 3 month period is being allocated to allow interested parties the opportunity to gather the information required and for any discussions with other agencies or interested parties to take place. Forms should therefore be returned by 7th January 2018. Please complete a separate form for each site on which you are making a representation.


This form and any supporting information submitted will enable the Council to consider sites for inclusion in the Development Plan. Please therefore complete in as much detail as possible. Please mark clearly any sensitive information which should not be in the public domain and/or redact any information as necessary and we shall ensure this remains private. Insufficient detail may result in your submission being returned.


As well as forming part of the consideration of a site for inclusion in the LDP, this information may be referred to in future, either at Examination, or when determining future planning applications. It is therefore essential that robust and accurate information is provided.


If a site is allocated based on information submitted which is later found to be erroneous the Council may remove the site from future editions of the LDP or Planning Permission may be withheld despite any LDP allocation.

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