Community Councils - final proposals

Closes 1 Mar 2018

Opened 17 Jan 2018


Clackmannanshire's community groups are responsible for a wealth of caring, social and recreational community activity which makes a real difference to the lives of many people. 

Community councils are one type of community group.  As well as organising community events, community councils also play an important role in local democracy, representing the interests of their communities and safeguarding community amenities.

Like other community groups, they get their strength from the active support of the very communities they benefit.

Why We Are Consulting

Across Scotland, there is a drive to encourage and directly facilitate community activism so if there is something we should be doing to make involvement in community councils more attractive, we need you to tell us now.

Clackmannanshire Council have drawn up proposals relating to community council governance.

We'd like your views on how helpful these ideas would be and any suggestions you might have for how community councils might continue to operate in a way which is relevant to today's communities.

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