Common Good Property

Closed 13 Dec 2018

Opened 13 Sep 2018

Results updated 24 Oct 2019

We are still investigating the titles of the land, buildings and items which were put forward by the public during the consultation.  This is taking much longer than we expected.  We apologise for the delay in publishing the results.


'Common good' in Clackmannanshire is property which has been passed down to Clackmannanshire Council, through local government re-organisation, from our former burghs who would either have received it as a gift or purchased it.  It refers to

  • land and buildings
  • items such as furniture and art
  • funds

Clackmannanshire's former burghs are Alloa, Alva, Dollar and Tillicoultry.

Some of what Clackmannanshire Council acquired from our former burghs was acquired through statutory powers and, where this is the case, the property is no longer defined as common good.


Why your views matter

Over time, and because of re-organisations of local government in recent decades, there are different perceptions of what still remains common good in Clackmannanshire. 

We wish to establish, through consultation with our communities, a register of common good property which makes it clear to the people of Clackmannanshire what property is defined in our county as common good.

In consulting on the property to be included in our Common Good Register, Clackmannanshire Council is fulfilling its duty under Section 102 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

This consultation aims only to compile as accurate a register as possible of common good property in Clackmannanshire.  It does not aim to define or re-define 'common good' as a term.

What happens next

Once we have considered the consultation responses and investigated suggestions, we will consider publish our response on this site within 6 months of the end of this consultation.


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