Adult Day Services Questionnaire 2018 - 2019

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Closes 29 Mar 2019


1. Please enter the following details:

2. Date completed

3. Do you find it easy to talk to staff?

4. Do you feel that staff listen to you?

5. Do staff encourage you to say what you think?

6. Do you feel staff treat you with dignity - e.g. personal care needs?

7. Are you given information about activities?

8. Do you like the choice of activities?

9. Do you know how to make changes to your activities?

10. Do you know how to complain if you are unhappy?

11. Do you feel safe when you use the service?

12. Do you find the centre buildings and rooms comfortable and easy to get around?

13. Do you like the transport?

14. Are you able to have food and drink that you like when you use the service?