Trial One-Way System - Main Street & North Street, Clackmannan

Closed 30 Jun 2017

Opened 24 Mar 2017

Results expected 7 Jul 2017

Feedback expected 14 Jul 2017


Clackmannan Community Council, Clackmannan Development Trust and Clackmannanshire Council have been working together to implement the actions identified within the Clackmannan Community Action Plan 2015-20.
The Clackmannan Main Street Project has been developed to meet one of the Main Priorities identified in the Community Plan’s Theme 3: Parking, roads and transport, which aims to address traffic management and parking on Main Street by way of the introduction of a one-way system which will support Clackmannan’s Historic Town Centre Regeneration.
It is our intension to have a trial one-way system in place on Monday 3rd April 2017 in order to gauge public opinion and ensure that it functions well prior to the next stage of the Town Centre Regeneration project getting underway.
Temporary signs will be installed to ensure that all road users are aware of the new one-way system, with more permanent signs being installed as part of the streetscape works later this summer. 
The details provided show the:
  1. extent of the one-way street system
  2. changes to bus routes that will be required to allow for one-way working on Main Street, Clackmannan

Why We Are Consulting

This is your chance to comment and Clackmannanshire Council would welcome your views.


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