Community groups - are they part of your life?

Closed 13 Apr 2017

Opened 16 Feb 2017


Clackmannanshire's community groups are responsible for a wealth of community activity which makes a real difference to the lives of many people.  As well as caring, social and recreational activities, some also play an important role in local democracy, representing the interests of their communities and safeguarding community amenities.

Community groups get their strength from the very communities they benefit.  No matter what type of group they are, they depend on active support.

Why We Are Consulting

As public budgets decrease, there is more and more need for people to get together to help each other, and Scotland has policies in place which encourage and directly facilitate community activism.

Yet Clackmannanshire's community groups tell us that it is getting harder and harder for them to get the help from their communities they need.

Why are fewer people actively involved in community activity ?

We are asking the people of Clackmannanshire, especially those who don't belong to a community group, to tell us what they think about the community activity in their area.  What part do these groups play in your lives?  If you are not already involved in a community group, what would make it easy for you to join one?

What Happens Next

We will use what you tell us about your attitude to community activity to help Clackmannanshire's community groups plan how they can ensure they have enough people to help with the work their communities need.


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