Community Council Review 2020 Stage 1

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Closes 4 Dec 2020


This questionnaire is divided into 3 short sections.  The first asks a little about you.  The second is about the geographic area your community council covers.  The third is about how many members your community has.

Other aspects of community council governance are covered in Stage 2.

Use of Information

If you provide your email address, it will only be used as stated below.  It will not be linked to the responses you provide.

If your comments include information that can identify you or another individual, it will be removed before any publication of responses.

We will not use any email addresses provided to contact you.  If you wish to communicate with us, please contact us separately using the details provided at the start of this questionnaire.

1. Where in Clackmannanshire do you live?
2. What is your email address? (optional)
This is optional, but if you enter your email address then you will be able to return to edit your consultation at any time until you submit it. You will also receive an acknowledgement email when you complete the consultation.
3. Do you have any experience of community councils in the last 4 years either as a community councillor or as a member of the public attending community council meetings?