General Extension of Hours

Closed 3 Oct 2014

Opened 1 Sep 2014

Results expected 21 Oct 2014


At its meeting of 28 August 2014, the Clackmannanshire Licensing Board received a recommendation from the Local Licensing Forum to exercise its powers to grant a general extension of permitted trading hours for all onsales alcohol licensed premises from 19 December 2014 to 3 January 2015.

The Forum has requested this on the grounds that it reduces the burden of compliance on the licensed trade, and should allow for a staged migration of patrons from licensed premises at a busy time of the year.

View the letter of recommendation by the Local Licensing Forum.

Why your views matter

Prior to making a decision the Board wish to seek your views on the proposals via this short public consultation.

What happens next

A report will be made to Clackmannanshire Licensing Board on 21 October 2014, where a decision will be made whether to adopt the recommendations of the Local Licensing Forum.


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