Tenant Participation Strategy Annual Reveiw 2015

Closed 27 Mar 2015

Opened 10 Mar 2015

Results updated 2 Apr 2015

The results of the Tenant Participation Strategy Annual Review is that they wish the reviw to continue to take place, but not in the current format . In reference to adding socila media to the menu for involvement, the majority were not in favour of this.




Tenant participation is about tenants taking part in decision-making processes and influencing decisions. The Tenant Participation strategy is the document that describes how tenants and other customers can participate in their landlord's decisions at a level they feel comfortable with.

Why your views matter

The main aim of the consultation is the annual review of the Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017, to seek the views on how Clackmannanshire Council Housing services propose to ensure our tenants and other customers have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes and influence decisions and to take account of changes in legislation.

Through the consultation we will

  • Obtain the overall measure of opinion of the Tenants and other customers
  • Ensure that the focus of the Housing service meets the tenants' priorities.


What happens next

Following the end of the consultation period , your feedback will be reviewed and incorporated into the Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017.


  • All Areas


  • Community groups
  • Council tenants
  • Council staff
  • Councillors, MPs, MEPs
  • Gypsies/Travellers
  • Service users
  • Housing Support Clients


  • Housing strategy