Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-17 Consultation

Closed 17 Feb 2014

Opened 8 Jan 2014

Feedback updated 14 Mar 2014

We asked

That you look over the draft Joint Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017 and action plan to check that you were happy with the content of the document or to provide us with any suggested amendments or changes to be incorporated before the final document was completed.

You said

That you were happy with the content in the draft Joint Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017 including the action plan outcomes although you wanted to see more involvement from tenants in working groups and decision making processes.

We did

Feedback the responses received following the consultation period to the working group, asked group for any final comments before seeking final approval of the document including offering possible design options of the front cover for the final TP strategy document. Document will now be designed and circulated to the working group before final document is available on clacksweb or hardcopy if requested

Results updated 14 Mar 2014

One response received following the consultation period. Please refer to the summary report document for full details of the response to each question.




The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 introduced the statutory requirement for the development of a Tenant Participation Strategy. The Act also requires all registered social landlords to consult with tenants on a range of major housing issues that affect them. These include housing management, repairs and maintenance policies and standards of service to be provided.

Tenant participation is about tenants taking part in decision-making processes and influencing decisions. The Tenant Participation strategy is the document that describes how tenants and other customers can participate in their landlord's decisions at a level they feel comfortable with.

Why your views matter

 The main aim of the consultation of the Tenant Participation Strategy 2014-2017 and the Action plan is to seek the views on how Clackmannanshire Council Housing services propose to ensure our tenants and other customers have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes and influence decisions.

Through the consultation we will

  • Obtain the overall measure of opinion of the Tenants and other customers
  • Obtain your views and priorities
  • Ensure that the Action Plan outcomes provide a range of activities that are suitable for all tenants and other customers.
  • Ensure that the focus of the Housing service meets the tenants' priorities.

The consultation period will run from Wednesday 8th January until Monday 17th February. Following the consultation and review of the comments and feedback , the final document will be available from April 2014.

The strategy was developed in partnership with Paragon Housing Association and a working group consisting of tenants, other customers and staff.

If you would like to get involved in the Tenant Participation working group, or would like further information,  please contact Michelle Flynn, Tenant Participation Co-ordinator by emailing mflynn@clacks.gov.uk or Tel: 01259 452404.


  • All Areas


  • Community groups
  • Council tenants
  • Council staff
  • Councillors, MPs, MEPs
  • Gypsies/Travellers
  • LGBT
  • Neighbouring local authorities
  • Service users


  • Housing strategy