Sauchie Main Street - Environmental Improvement Proposals

Closed 10 Jun 2013

Opened 6 May 2013

Results updated 31 Oct 2013

Results of the public consultation on the proposals to Main Street, Sauchie are now available.
In general, the proposals were positively welcomed; however, a minority felt that the proposed changes are being implemented too quickly, without giving much thought of their impact on the local community.
For detailed analysis and the Council's response, please refer to the document attached.



The aim of this project is to improve the environment of Main Street, Sauchie, for the people who live and work in this area..

The Council has carried out an option appraisal of Main Street, Sauchie, looking at the housing areas, shops and landscaped areas.

Option appraisal is a technique for setting objectives, creating and reviewing options and analysing their relative costs and benefits. Option appraisal should help develop a value fr money solution that meets the objectives of the project.

The appraisal identified that the planted areas and access to the shops in the Main Street are particularly in need of improvement. The proposals contained in this document aim to invigorate the Main Street wit attractive and improved housing, shops and landscaped areas.

Open Day

We are hosting an open day at:

  • Alloa Sauchie Hall on Friday 24th May between 9am and 5pm

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  • and Sauchie Resource Centre on Monday 3rd June between 6 pm and 8pm.

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Drop in and ask us anything you would like to know about the changes to Sauchie Main Street.

What happens next

Once the consultation process has finished, we will collect and analyse all responses. We will then look at how the proposed plans to regenerate Main Street, Sauchie, has been met by members of the public. We aim to publish the results in the Autumn 2013.


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