600 hours of nursery options

Closed 15 Nov 2013

Opened 21 Oct 2013

Results expected 18 Nov 2013

Feedback expected 31 Jan 2014


Child in the playground

The Scottish Government has promised to increase the number of hours for eligible 3 and 4 year old children to early learning and childcare from 475 hours per year to 600 hours per year from August 2014. 

We are legally required to consult with parents/carers of children 0-5 year olds to provide a model of nursery provision that suits their needs. 

This consultation must be carried out every two years.  We need to reach as many of these parents/carers as we can so decided an online survey was the best way to do so. 

The link to the online survey will be widely advertised.  Local nurseries will try to provide computer access for parents/carers without internet access to complete the survey when dropping off or collecting their children. 

The data will be used to inform the council as to the wishes of parents/carers for childcare.

Why your views matter

We are legally required to consult to discover the early learning and childcare wishes of parents/carers.
We have to offer flexible options of early learning and childcare and need to consult to find out what local parents/carers want.


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