Assisted Areas 2014-2020 Stage 2

Closed 7 Feb 2014

Opened 8 Jan 2014


On 31 July 2013, the government launched a first stage consultation on updating the Assisted Areas Map for 2014 to 2020, in response to new European Commission guidelines on regional aid.

Assisted Areas are those areas where regional aid can be offered to undertakings, typically businesses, under state aid rules.

The proposed Assisted Areas in Clackmannanshire are shown in the map below and cover:

  • Alloa East,
  • Alloa Mar,
  • Alloa West
  • Clackmannan,
  • Devon and Clackmannan North,
  • Delph and Cambus
  • Gartmorn,
  • and Menstrie

Alternatively, please download the map enclosed at the bottom of the page.

Why your views matter

The second stage consultation document on the draft proposal for a new assisted areas map for the period 2014 to 2020 also sets out the government’s response to the first stage consultation.

The purpose of the second stage consultation is to seek views on the draft Assisted Areas Map, taking into consideration the government’s response to the first stage consultation, and the need to comply with the Commission’s regional aid guidelines.

Please use the form attached to provide your comments on the proposed coverage of Assisted Areas 2014-20 in Clackmannanshire and return it to:

Assisted Areas Team 
Local Growth Directorate
4th Floor, Spur 2
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
1 Victoria Street


  • Alloa East
  • Alloa Mar
  • Alloa West
  • Clackmannan
  • Delph and Cambus
  • Devon and Clackmannan North
  • Gartmorn
  • Menstrie


  • Businesses
  • Public sector bodies
  • Private sector


  • Planning
  • Jobs and employment
  • Business development
  • Economic regeneration
  • Private sector