Proposed Supplementary Guidance 8 (Woodlands & Forestry) & 10 (Domestic Developments)

Closed 18 Dec 2015

Opened 23 Oct 2015


The Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan was adopted in August 2015. This included the adoption of 7 pieces of Supplementary Guidance which were consulted on at the same time as the Local Development Plan.

The Council are now consulting on two further pieces of Supplementary Guidance;

Why your views matter

Proposed Supplementary Guidance 8 - Woodlands & Forestry coverThe Woodlands and Forestry Proposed Supplementary Guidance (SG8) contains advice on the management of existing trees and woodland in development areas and explains their value in creating high-quality new places.

It explains the value of introducing new trees and woodlands and provides advice on the range of benefits trees and woodland can provide including addressing climate change, enhancing the water environment, providing habitat and supporting biodiversity, and creating recreational opportunities.

Woodland can also offer economic benefits both in terms of the timber industry and tourism.

Proposed Supplementary Guidance 10 - Domestic DevelopmentsThe Domestic Developments Proposed Supplementary Guidance (SG10) is intended to allow those planning to alter or extend their house, to establish what they will be required to do. It goes through the pre-application and application process, and provides examples of good practice on layout, design, energy efficiency and construction.

How to make comment

If you wish to make any comments on the Proposed Supplementary Guidance, response forms are available at libraries, Kilncraigs and via the form links below.

Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005:

SEA screening determinations for Proposed Supplementary Guidance 8 - Woodlands and Forestry and Proposed Supplementary Guidance 10 - Domestic Developments

We have reviewed the strategic environmental assessment Screening Reports for the above Proposed Supplementary Guidance documents, and the responses received from the Statutory Consultation Authorities; and determine under Section 8(1) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act, that both of the pieces of Proposed Supplementary Guidance are exempt from the requirement for strategic environmental assessment.

The reason for this determination is that neither of the pieces of Proposed  Supplementary Guidance are likely to have significant environmental impacts, having regard to both the characteristics of the Guidance, and the characteristics of their effects and of the area likely to be affected.  Further detail can be found in the screening reports which can be viewed at the council offices at Kilncraigs, Alloa.

The policies to which both Proposed Supplementary Guidance documents relate to have been assessed as part of the Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan SEA.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact us.

Any community group who would like the Development Plans Team to come and discuss the Proposed Supplementary Guidance with your group should contact us with details of when you would like to meet with us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to meet your request.

What happens next

After the consultation period has ended, your representations will be considered by the Council and modifications may be proposed.

Representations relating to the same parts of the Supplementary Guidance will be grouped together and the Council will prepare responses to the representations.

Where appropriate, further dialogue may be entered into with those who have made representations to try to resolve any outstanding issues.

Representations and proposed Council responses will then be submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval.


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