Polling District and Polling Place Review 2013

Closed 1 Nov 2013

Opened 1 Oct 2013


Due to the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 setting out a change in respect of the compulsory review period, Clackmannanshire Council must carry out and complete a review of the polling districts and places within a 16 month period beginning with 1 October 2013.
Given the timing, it was considered best to conduct the review this year rather than next year when there is the European Elections in May and the Scottish Referendum in September. This would allow for any changes to take effect before then and not potentially confuse voters were the review to take place in 2014. 
Clackmannanshire Council is therefore seeking the views of members of the public and other stakeholders to help with the review of the current polling district and polling places. All comments are welcomed and we would like to hear your views on the current voting experience within your area including any suggestions for alternative arrangements, or whether you don't consider any change be necessary. 
It should be noted that all responses to the review will be published on Clacksweb and we will acknowledge each comment.
An attached comments form can be used, however any feedback can either be sent by freepost or email. 
Existing Polling Place Arrangements
Please note that some of the current polling place arrangements will have to change due to factors that are outwith our control. These are:
  • Polling District OC240 - Tillicoultry Community Centre,

Tillicoultry has now closed.


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  • Polling District OC470 - Alloa North Church Hall, Alloa.

This hall is in the process of being sold. 


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  • Polling District OC595 - Loganlea Tea Room, Forestmill - 

The tea room has been sold and to date we have had no response to our letters or attempts to contact the owners, we can only assume that it is no longer available for use.  


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Returning Officer, whose merit is to oversee elections in constituencies, has expressed their views on the review of polling places in the Clackmannanshire area.

You can find their comments by scrolling down or by downloading the letter attached.


Ward 1 - Clackmannanshire West


Polling District OC105 - Dumyat Centre, Menstrie

This is a central location for the area, with good facilities. The building is easily located and well known in the area.

Suggest no change.


Polling District OC110 - St Serf's Church Hall, Tullibody

Polling District OC115 - Banchory Primary School, Tullibody

Polling District OC120 - Tullibody Civic Centre, Tullibody

Polling District OC125 - St Bernadettes RC Church Hall, Tullibody

I have grouped my comments on the different polling places and districts of Tullibody as suggested changes impact on them all.

The hall at St Serfs, is suitable for polling, however does not have the best disabled access or parking facilities. It currently can manage up to three stations in the building, but this is its maximum, four is possible but would be very tight and potentially impact on the proper conduct of the poll.

It is always preferable not to use schools for polling places as this disrupts the pupils and interrupts their education. It should be the Council's aim not to use schools for polling requirements. Banchory Primary represents the last school to be used within Clackmannanshire.

The hall at St Bernadettes while it can be used as a polling place, does require the entrance to have a temporary ramp built at each election, which provides some coverage but is not fully compliant. The doorway is a standard door and very tight for wheelchair users.

I would suggest that all of Tullibody go to the Civic Centre. It is centrally located, near the shops. It is a well known building within the area. Apart from the outlying areas of Cambus and Glenochil, voters have in the main just over a mile to walk to the polling place. The Civic Centre has a large sports hall, which could accommodate the appropriate number of stations for the all the voters in Tullibody, Cambus and Glenochil.

I would also still include Cambus and Glenochil within this polling district. Both these areas don't have the number of electors to justify polling stations on their own and Tullibody is the nearest largest area within the ward.

Suggest merging OC110, OC115, OC120 and OC125 into one district and the polling place being Tullibody Civic Centre.


Ward 2 - Clackmannanshire North


Polling District OC230 - Cochrane Hall, Alva

This is a suitable premises, with good parking and disabled facilities. It is near the centre of the polling district and is well known in the area.

Suggest no change.


Polling District OC235 - St John Vianney's Church Hall, Alva

The hall is quite small but serves the number of voters required. There is limited parking at the hall, however there is some on street parking available. Again this building is situated in the centre of the polling district. If not used the likely alternative would be the Cochrane Hall some distance away.

Suggest no change.


Polling District OC240 - Tillicoultry Community Centre, Tillicoultry

Tillicoultry Community Centre has now closed. Consideration was given to the new facility, the Ben Cleuch centre, however due to the volume of users and the internal layout, this building is not suitable. 

Polling District OC245 - Devonvale Hall, Tillicoultry

This is a large hall, which serves the east side of Tillicoultry. Good parking available across the road. This is a well known building in a prominent position easily found by voters.  This hall can accommodate multiple polling stations which would serve all the voters in Tillicoultry.

Suggest merging OC240 and OC245 into one polling district and make Devonvale Hall the polling place. 


Polling District OC250 - Coalsnaughton Village Hall, Coalsnaughton.

This is the only space within the village that is suitable as a polling place. This is a well known and easily found building within the village.

Suggest no change.

Ward 3 - Clackmannanshire Central


Polling District OC350 - Ochilview, Fishcross

In 2012 this premises was unavailable and meant we had to use a temporary building in Craigleith for this area. The Ochilview Lounge's primary business is as a public house and does not lend itself to a polling venue and as such there may be continued potential levels of uncertainty over its use as a polling station. However it does meet all the minimum necessary requirements. Potential alternatives for this area include the use of the Mountain Rescue Centre, near Benview, or to merge this area with OC355 (Sauchie and Coalsnaughton Parish Church).

Suggest no change.


Polling District OC355 - Sauchie & Coalsnaughton Church Hall

&  Polling District OC360 - Sauchie Hall, Sauchie

Previous feedback on the area would suggest that the community of Sauchie is not fully served by the current arrangement of the 2 polling districts.  The Church Hall, although adequate does have a number of issues.  These include the disabled access being towards the rear of the building and limited car parking to the front of the building.  Normally there is no activity at the church on polling day, however this year there was a funeral, which we were unaware off until the day of the polll. Thanks to the hard work of polling staff, the minister and party supporters, appropriate measures, eg removing political signs and keeping supporters out with the main thrust of the service, it passed without any negative impact on either the polling or the church service. This does however have to be considered in the long term use of the premises.

Sauchie hall is large and accommodating, good disabled access and large parking facilities both to the rear and across the road.

Suggest polling districts OC 355 and 360 are merged and Sauchie Hall allocated as the polling place.


Polling District OC363 - Whins Resource Centre, Alloa

This premises meets the requirements of the act, it does cause a small disturbance to service users at this premises, however access to the area for polling does have its own entrance. The size is limited and should there be a large increase in numbers in the area, then it would have difficulty coping, however there is no current expectation of increased numbers. There are also limited alternatives in this area.

Suggest no change.

Ward 4 - Clackmannanshire South


Polling District OC465 - Old Peoples Welfare Hall, Alloa

This premises meets the requirements of a polling station, disabled access is to the side of the building. It is well known building serving many local residents.

Suggest no change


Polling District OC470 - Alloa North Church Hall, Alloa

This hall is in the process of being sold. 

Suggest the Baptist Church Hall at Ludgate as an alternative venue subject to verification of suitability and availability . 


Polling District OC475 & OC477 - Council Office, Mill Street, Alloa

The premises is very small for the number of electors that need to use the premises, making it very close to not providing the necessary space to ensure the integrity of the poll. It also displaces staff from an ongoing council service.

Suggest that voters in both districts are allocated to Alloa Church Hall, Ludgate.  This church has a large hall and disabled entrance. The road to the church is not tarmac currently, however any disabled user with a car can drive up to the door. There is good on street parking available.


Polling District OC480 - Bowmar Community Centre, Alloa

The polling place is more than suitable, adequate parking and disabled access.

Suggest no change


Polling District OC485 - Hawkhill Community Centre, Alloa

This premises meets the requirements of a polling place, with adequate space and parking.

Suggest no change


Ward 5 - Clackmannanshire East


Polling District OC590 - Coronation Hall, Muckhart

The premises is suitable for the needs of a polling station. There are no viable alternatives within the village, so would mean sending the voters to Dollar Civic Centre, which is quite a distance away with limited public transport available.

Suggest no change.


Polling District OC593 - Civic Centre, Dollar

The premises is suitable as a polling place, with enough accommodation space, disabled access and provides ample parking. It is relatively central to the polling district and accessible to voters. It is easily found and well known locally.

Suggest no change


Polling District OC595 - Loganlea Tea Room, Forestmill

The tea room has been sold and to date we have had no response to our letters or attempts to contact the owners, we can only assume that it is no longer available for use.  There are no other suitable buildings within the village and no public area that would accommodate a temporary polling station.

Suggest that polling districts OC595 and OC597 are merged and the voters allocated to the Town Hall, Clackmannan.


Polling District OC597 - Clackmannan Town Hall, Clackmannan

This venue is suitable as a polling place, with space large enough for the number of voters required to attend. Disabled access is to the side of the building and parking can be limited, however this has been managed over previous elections and has not caused any issues with the poll. Alternatives in Clackmannan are limited. The building is located centrally, near the shops and on the bus route. It is well known in the area and is next door to the Community Access Point.

Suggest no change subject to the above suggestion at OC595.

After The Consultation
Once the consultation period ends, the Polling Districts & Places Review Group will meet to consider all representations, taking into account any significant comments/suggestions received, and compile a report seeking Council approvall.
The report will be considered at the Council meeting on 19 December 2013
Should you have any comments as regards this review please submit these as follows (please note that all submissions will be published on Clacksweb):
by email to:      adminservices@clacks.gov.uk
by fax on          01259 452030
in writing to:    (Freepost)  
                         Polling Place Review, 
                         Freepost TY805, 
                         Clackmannanshire Council, Greenfield, 
                         FK10 2AD



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