Community Justice Improvement Plan for Clackmannanshire 2017/18

Closed 15 Feb 2017

Opened 18 Jan 2017

Feedback updated 25 Apr 2017

We asked

What are your views on the Community Justice Improvement Plan for Clackmannanshire?

You said

  • More clarity needed in links with education
  • Insufficient evidence of measuring improvement
  • Emphasise that the strategy will concurrently reduce health inequalities that persist amongst offenders

We did

  • Simplified the detail in order to provide more flexibility
  • Commit to working Community Justice Scotland to measure outcomes and use the Community Justice Outcome Improvement Framework
  • Strenghten the narrative of healthcare inequalities


Draft Community Justice Improvement Plan 2017/18 front coverThe new model for Community Justice in Scotland, in place from 1st April 2017, has been designed to bring together individuals and organisations to deliver a community solution to achieving improved outcomes for community justice, to prevent and reduce further offending and to support desistance, including supervision where necessary.

This plan sets out Clackmannanshire’s Community Justice Improvement Plan for 2017/18. This plan has been developed in line with the National Strategy for Community Justice and Guidance for Local Partners in the New Model for Community Justice

It was prepared in partnership with a wide range of partners and stakeholders and brings together our collective focus for improvement over the next year and beyond 2018. 

The plan has been created from a sound understanding of the key issues in Clackmannanshire and how partners can contribute to improving outcomes locally.  This basis of understanding has been informed by a Strategic Assessment and Offending Profile, baseline assessment of current work and a needs assessment to inform priorities going forward.

Our approach in Clackmannanshire has been collaborative with engagement of partners and stakeholders central throughout the process. 

This annual plan has been developed to enable strategic alignment with Community Planning and the development of the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan and Locality Plans in Clackmannanshire as well as ongoing implementation of other key areas of the new Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015

Why your views matter

We are looking for your views on the Community Justice Improvement Plan for Clackmannanshire for 2017/18. 

Your views will help to shape the final plan prior to its approval by Clackmannanshire Council. 

We want to ensure that this plan reflects local aspirations to help people to make positive changes in their lives and help tackle the underlying causes of offending. 

What happens next

We will listen to your views in shaping the final plan prior to its approval. 

Once the final plan is approved it will inform the priorities and work of the Community Justice Partnership for Clackmannanshire.  


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Voluntary and community sector