Clackmannanshire Community Safety

Closed 30 Sep 2018

Opened 31 Aug 2018


The Clackmannanshire Community Safety Group works in partnership to identify the issues which services and communities consider community safety issues and concerns.

The group hopes to improve the feeling of safety, in particular vulnerable people, through building strong networks of support, improving connections across and within communities, and empowering people in communities to support each other and take collective action.

The group will identify community safety priorities and ensure resources, connections and networks are utilised to address them.

Why We Are Consulting

To ensure the group understand the priorities we are aware that consultation with the community will provide the local picture and public perception of what community safety is to you.

We therefore invite you to have your say by telling us what you think community safety is and what matters to you in your area.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Policing